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I know I am late with this review… been a busy couple of weeks and I’ve been on a “Save The Good Guys” kick. But here I am and I am ready to go!

Oh, The Big Bang Theory, how I have missed you! One of my four favorite shows on the air (House, Lie to Me, and The Good Guys being the other three… says something for FOX, doesn’t it?) One of the greatest comedies on TV was back on the air last week and it was a DOOZY!!!!

The opening scene with the guys misappropriating a robot hand into serving them their Chinese food was stellar in its geek-fest humor. Bless Howard and his international space station equipment…

We learned that Sheldon and Amy Farrah Fowler (or as I like to call her She-Sheldon) had been texting and tweeting and facebooking for four months. Pretty much everything people in a relationship do EXCEPT GO ON A DATE!!! What.The.Hell?!? No… to be honest, I am not surprised at this announcement. What DID surprise the holy hell out of me is the announcement that Sheldon and Amy (known now and forevermore as ShAmy) wanted to procreate. Oh, to be the mother of his child…. sigh… uhm. Sorry. I digress…

Anyway, yes, these two felt that it is their duty to have a kid… but Penny convinced Sheldon that they first need to, you know, go on an actual DATE. And Sheldon agreed.

The show’s handling of this date was superb. It had middle-school geek date car scene and the some of the greatest digs at Penny that have ever come out of the show. Standing ovation to Mayim Bailik in her role of Amy. She could have played an android on Star Trek, she plays this role so dry.

I loved the resolution to the ShAmy procreation story line… very like Penny to come up with an argument that Sheldon could not refute.

Now… if that story line was good, the B story was just as good: the robot hand, a frisky Howard and a hospital. Need I say more? I almost felt bad for Howard, but then I realized that with the part of the body he was thinking with… he kinda got what he deserved.

Anyway, I loved last week’s season premiere and I am completely looking forward to tonight’s episode. I heard that it could very well be one of its best outings. So, here’s to you, Big Bang!!! We’re glad to have you home!


Jim and his Emmy... it's a beautiful thing

Oh, I am the happiest fan girl in the WORLD. Last night, one of my two favorite actors, Jim Parsons, finally won his Emmy Award for playing Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory. Just watching him cover his face with his hand in sheer amazement and listening to that sweet speech made my heart flutter a million miles a minute.  I have a great group of friends on Twitter and we were holding Parsons Prayer Circles  right before his category was called. I like to think the power of fan girl prayer helped out a little!  Jim is the funniest actor on television today and this Emmy Award was well deserved and Parsons fan everywhere are proud of Jim for everything he has accomplished. Here is to the new season of The Big Bang Theory and our favorite nerd, Sheldon Cooper!!!!

On a side note: Jim, dear…. you never got back with me about being your date. Sigh… I even had a dress picked out. Oh, well…. you DO know the Golden Globes are coming up in a few short months, don’t you?  Just throwing that out there for you.

I have to admit, this was one of the greatest Emmy broadcasts EVER. From the inspired opening number with host Jimmy Fallon performing Born to Run with the cast of Glee and such luminaries such as Tina Fey, Jon Hamm, Betty White, et. al, to George Clooney working his sexy self into an extremely amusing Modern Family bit, I was entertained throughout two out of three hours. I don’t watch the mini-series, so I typically have to suffer through that section of the awards… oh, well. Really, though, the time flew by and I was laughing throughout. So I say WELL DONE NBC!

On some of the winners:

YAY to Jane Lynch and Kyra Sedgewick! Jane Lynch is a scene chewing machine and her Sue Sylvester is a demon in a track suit. I love her. And Kyra has been deserving for so long for her role on The Closer. I mean, Kyra IS the closer. She truly is the show. Bravo, ladies!

Cheers to Top Chef for one of the two major upsets of the night, dethroning The Amazing Race in the reality show competition category. It was time we got some fresh blood in the winners circle.

I just wish that would extend to lead actor in a drama… WHEN IS HUGH LAURIE GOING TO WIN?!?!?! He is WAY overdue and the episode he submitted was wonderful and character changing. I mean, no offense to Bryan Cranston, but DAMN! The only good thing I can say is that he isn’t going to be eligible next year, so my man Hugh still has a shot!

Glad to see Modern Family get the best comedy nod. They are funny as hell and well deserving of the award. On the other hand… I just don’t get Mad Men. I tried watching it. Really, I did. I just can’t get emotionally involved in this show. Well… congratulations to them, anyway, on their third straight best drama award.

On the man who should host every award show imaginable:

Oh, how I adore thee, Ricky Gervais. I have followed him for years and he was the only reason I watched the last Golden Globes. He KILLED it, last night with his bit about the booze…. and who doesn’t love a good Mel Gibson dig? Oh… and beer. Leave it to Ricky to bring the booze to the party. Can’t wait until the next Golden Globes… maybe I will be there with my date, Jim. Ya never know…

The Lunar Excitation #1483

A bittersweet moment for the fan girl…. I love “The Big Bang Theory” but am quite sad that it is over for the summer.  I have to say, though, that this was a very good season finale.  It had humor, it had some revisiting of various story lines and it had something that I thought I would never see… SHE-SHELDON.

“The Lunar Excitation” was a very good finale outing.  All of the main characters had their moment, from Raj and Howard attempting the impossible task of finding Sheldon a date on a dating web site to Leonard and drunk Penny having wild rodeo sex  (with a very nice walk of shame from Penny the next morning), there was something for everyone–including a  pleasant return of Leslie/Sarah Gilbert… quite a tasty tying off of that story line (makes me miss their David and Darlene days of yore).

The two storylines were rather simple, Leonard and Penny’s break-up sex  and the near-impossible task Raj and Howard undertake in finding Sheldon a date. I feel the writers took these stories and really let them sparkle with their dialog.  The scene on the roof involving the various “Star Trek” references made my little Trekker heart skip a beat (that and the fact that THE WIL WHEATON responded to one of my Tweets last night– but that is a different Fan Girl undertaking).  What is great about this show is that their humor is not trite… there is intelligence and depth to the humor. That type of humor stands the test of time.

I would be remiss, though, if I didn’t get to the heart of this season finale: Sheldon and the discovery of “SHE-SHELDON”, also known as Amy Farrah Fowler.  That another person could exist that is remotely like Sheldon is amazing.  The thing that I notice about Amy, though, is I think she is emotionally where Sheldon was three seasons ago.  Three seasons ago, there was  no way in HELL Sheldon would have been caught dead socializing on his own with a woman– even one as smart as Amy; because in Sheldon’s world,  he is always smarter and he never desired social conventions.  What this season finale has shown, though, is that Sheldon has grown;  and he has decided to take a chance, even if it is just to socialize a little.  He owes Leonard, Penny and the gang: like it or not, he’s GROWN.  That didn’t just make this a good episode… it made it great.