I know I am late with this review… been a busy couple of weeks and I’ve been on a “Save The Good Guys” kick. But here I am and I am ready to go!

Oh, The Big Bang Theory, how I have missed you! One of my four favorite shows on the air (House, Lie to Me, and The Good Guys being the other three… says something for FOX, doesn’t it?) One of the greatest comedies on TV was back on the air last week and it was a DOOZY!!!!

The opening scene with the guys misappropriating a robot hand into serving them their Chinese food was stellar in its geek-fest humor. Bless Howard and his international space station equipment…

We learned that Sheldon and Amy Farrah Fowler (or as I like to call her She-Sheldon) had been texting and tweeting and facebooking for four months. Pretty much everything people in a relationship do EXCEPT GO ON A DATE!!! What.The.Hell?!? No… to be honest, I am not surprised at this announcement. What DID surprise the holy hell out of me is the announcement that Sheldon and Amy (known now and forevermore as ShAmy) wanted to procreate. Oh, to be the mother of his child…. sigh… uhm. Sorry. I digress…

Anyway, yes, these two felt that it is their duty to have a kid… but Penny convinced Sheldon that they first need to, you know, go on an actual DATE. And Sheldon agreed.

The show’s handling of this date was superb. It had middle-school geek date car scene and the some of the greatest digs at Penny that have ever come out of the show. Standing ovation to Mayim Bailik in her role of Amy. She could have played an android on Star Trek, she plays this role so dry.

I loved the resolution to the ShAmy procreation story line… very like Penny to come up with an argument that Sheldon could not refute.

Now… if that story line was good, the B story was just as good: the robot hand, a frisky Howard and a hospital. Need I say more? I almost felt bad for Howard, but then I realized that with the part of the body he was thinking with… he kinda got what he deserved.

Anyway, I loved last week’s season premiere and I am completely looking forward to tonight’s episode. I heard that it could very well be one of its best outings. So, here’s to you, Big Bang!!! We’re glad to have you home!