All right, people… the Fall schedule is up and running and there have been some excellent shows that have really struck my fancy (Hawaii 5-0) and some that are a real yawn ($#&$* My Dad Says).  We have seen established shows come out swinging and strutting their stuff (House and The Big Bang Theory).

This article isn’t about these shows, though. This is for a show that is riding the fine line between gracing our airwaves and going to the land of dead TV dreams and shattered TV hopes.

Let’s talk about  The Good Guys!

Okay… look at the picture. We ARE NOT talking about another NYPD Blue or The Shield. What we ARE talking about, though, is one of the funniest shows that I have watched in a long…. long…. time. From the minute Jack Bailey, Dan Stark and Dan Stark’s mustache flickered across my TV screen, I was hooked.

I remember when I first reviewed this show. Very first words out of my mouth were that it was:

“one of those shows that takes the best of Starsky and Hutch, mixes it with Robert Rodriguez and adds the coolest pornstache this side of the 1970′s to give us an uproariously funny show that reminds us why we like the buddy cop genre so much.”

Yep. I still stand by those words.

I laugh 20 times if I laugh once when this show is on. The writing on this show is superb, with a wonderful amount of joyous and –yes, I am going to say it– SMART wit.

Don’t roll your eyes at me… I know Dan is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. At least not concerning 21st century attitudes and technology. If this show took place IN the 1970’s, early 80’s, Dan would be the ass kicking-ist cop out there… and this is where the wit comes in.

Putting this show in current times with a cop that is decidedly NOT with current times is smart. The dialog the and situations that the writers come up with for Dan… and the others in response to Dan is smart. Any time I see a cannister of pepper spray, all I think is “SPICY! SPICY IN MY EYES!!!” That and I have caught myself calling my computer the “computer machine,” and I have hung my head in shame every single time.  I’m not the only one, either. This show gets quoted on Twitter…too many great lines to pass up.

I must also give Kudos to the bad guys of this show. They are funny, and stupid and unique. From Andrew Divoff’s funny as hell turn as Pedro, to the Georgian duo (Republic of and State of), the writers have given us some insanely funny (no pun intended) punks for Jack and Dan to bust.

Also, talking about angels with rusty halos, let us tip our hat to Julius, Dan’t snitch. Best pairing on this show, right after Jack and Dan. You know if Julius shows up, there is going to be some hella funny plot twists and dialog in the episode. RonReaco Lee has great timing and it is time he become a regular member of the show.

And this is The Good Guys greatest asset: the cast. This is a killer cast, from Colin Hanks as Jack to Diana Maria Riva, who plays Lt. Ruiz, the cast is chalk full of wonderful actors who bring life to these amusing characters. I literally could not see any other actors in these roles. The casting in impeccable here, and the relationships between these characters is funny and natural. I enjoy seeing every one on screen. That doesn’t happen too often in a show, and The Good Guys struck gold with this great cast.

There is one (well, one and a half) actor who has truly lit me fan girl flame, though:

The 'stache has lit my fan-girl flame...

I admit it… I have such a crush on Bradley Whitford. Loved him in The West Wing and was slightly worried about how he would handle this polar opposite of Josh Lyman. Well… silly me to worry like that. Whitford is remarkable as Dan Stark. There have been some complaints about him being too over the top in his performance, but I call B.S. on that. Dan IS over the top… he IS more retro than metro, and Whitford plays it perfectly. He goes from stubbornly stupid to a broken hearted school boy to one helluva ladies man and PULLS IT OFF every time. That, and he can work a pornstache… oh, yes… man can work the ‘stache.

Let’s face it… that damn ‘stache has become a character on this show. It is part of a drinking game… hell, it even has a Twitter account (@DanStarksStache and the ladies love it…).  There hasn’t been such a fascination with facial hair since… well, I don’t know.  Typically I am not a big fan of facial hair (sensitive skin), but the way Dan Stark works it, I’d even risk a little ‘stache burn.

Look people, this is a funny as hell show and needs to stick around. It is very different than what is on right now… and that is a good thing. It is a show that you know is going to have a happy ending– and in this world, who ISN’T for the security of some happy endings (heaven knows Dan is). I am just saying that this show deserves to be seen and it DESERVES to stick around for another season. It truly brightens my night when I know that I am going to be laughing heartily when this show comes on; and I am not the only one who feels this way. Many people online feel just as strongly as I do and would truly appreciate it if this show stayed on the air.

I tweeted to some of the writers, Colin Hanks and show creator Matt Nix that I was writing this article. I asked them if there was anything they wanted to tell the fans out there regarding the show. Well, Mr. Nix was kind enough to tweet back to me:

“@Alexis_Rueal Just that the episodes get better and better. Also we don’t cost much so we don’t need THAT many more viewers. Thx!”

I know I can vouch that every episode thus far has improved upon the one before. The team has really hit their creative stride with this. So people, you are really missing out if you don’t tune in and watch.  And FOX (I know you are out there…. ), come on! It doesn’t cost that much… we can find the viewers… we’re working on it. GIVE THE GOOD GUYS A CHANCE!!!!! Save this show, readers, viewers and FOX. Save this show and make me a truly proud and happy fan girl. The Good Guys deserves to be back for a second season.

The Good Guys airs on Friday Nights at 9pm on FOX.