Amen and Hallelujah!!! The Fall season has started and tonight, three shows I have been looking forward to are on the air. We have the arrival of HUDDY on House, and the series premieres of Lonestar and Hawaii 5-0.  I am feeling good tonight and I am going to bring you my thoughts on these show.

House Season 7 Premiere:

Holy Hell! There was some major Huddy lovin’ going on tonight! The season premiere continues right where the season 6 finale left off. House and Cuddy spend most of the episode in almost total states of undress (some major Huddy sex going on… and I think Hugh Laurie fan girls were panting… A LOT.) Really, this episode was about Huddy trying to establish themselves as a couple and how they truly feel about one another and what types of obstacles they will need to overcome. It is good that there are these issues, and it is good that House and Cuddy are willing to confront these. And it was AWESOME to hear House say what we have been dying to hear him say for so long… ” I love you.” Damn… my heart melted…. and I can be quite the cold blooded woman.

There was a cute little secondary medical mystery concerning a sick neurosurgeon and the team playing CYA to keep the ER and ICU departments open It was amusing and it also helped ease the way for Olivia Wilde’s 13, to leave the show as Wilde goes to film the movie Cowboys and Aliens.

I know some people felt that House lost its way last season… personally, I disagree… but this was a very strong outing and I think we are going to be in store for more this season. I am SO happy House is back on TV! Makes my Monday worthwhile.

Lone Star series premiere: And I have been introduced to an actor that I don’t recall seeing before–James Wolk. He portrays Bob Allen, a consumate con-man with one wife and working on another wife. He was taught by his father, played by David Keith. Damn, it’s good to see David Keith on TV. I am always entertained when he is around.  Anyway,  Bob wants to go legit… tired of conning people. He just wants to love his two women (who don’t know about each other… this ain’t Big Love) and an honest job working for his first wife’s father, the always enjoyable Jon Voight.

If you blink, you can lose track of the cons and Bob’s identities; but watching James Wolk portray Bob with his different personas and the inner fight he has as he struggles stop conning while also remaining loyal to his father is entertaining. Wolk has depth, and I can’t wait to see where he goes with this series.

Hawaii 5-0 series premiere: Hello Alex O’Loughlin. I have missed you. A very good actor who hasn’t found the right show, yet. Not that CBS hasn’t tried. Moonlight, Three Rivers, been there… cancelled that. BUT… and I say BUT… methinks they have a winner with Hawaii 5-0.

I know some critics complained that O’Laughlin was kind of stiff in his role of Steve McGarrett: well, NO SHIT! In the premiere, he is in Special Forces and his father is murdered. Don’t know about you, but that would leave me less than chipper.

Anyway, due to his father’s murder, McGarrett gets recruited by the governor to create a no-holds-barred task force to combat crime in Hawaii. Sounds pretty kick ass… and it is. McGarrett recruits Chin Ho Kelly (Daniel Day Kim), a female Kono (Grace Park), and the one and only Danno, played with aplomb by Scott Caan.  With this group hard at work, bad guys better take notice. There is going to be ass kickin’ aplenty going on.

I really liked watching Scott Caan play a dad here. I like the contradiction of his grumpy bad ass and soft hearted daddy. Melts a fan girl’s heart.

I enjoyed the chemistry everyone had. I enjoyed the dialog and the action sequences. Really, I just liked this show overall and I can’t wait to see more episodes. Well done, CBS… I think we found us a winner for our dear Mr. O’Loughlin.