Last night, we watched the culmination the summer’s top rated show crown a new winner. And, boy, it was a doozy. Michael Grimm, the soulful crooner from Mississippi, was chosen over the seemingly unstoppable 10 year old Opera sensation, Jackie Evancho.

Here is a replay of Michael’s final performance from Tuesday.

The finale was actually pretty good. Not TWO HOURS worth of finale… really, did we need the Goo-Goo Dolls?… but still pretty good.  The four finalists got to perform with their idols. Prince Poppycock sang “Last Dance” with Donna Summer. I thought they would have really made a good pairing at Studio 54 back in the day. Michael Grimm performed “Me and Bobby McGee” with Jewel. That was a good performance, and Jewel was looking quite smashing in that purple jumpsuit. Fighting Gravity performed an entertaining routine as Lionel Ritchie sang “Dancing on the Ceiling.” and young Jackie cemented her position as Sarah Brightman’s heir apparent as they performed “Time to Say Goodbye” together.

We also had a lovely performance by the reject all-stars. Oh, yes, we got to remember why some men should not wear spandex and that dancing eyebrows really ARE creepy…. really… THEY.ARE.CREEPY.  But the creme de la creme performance came courtesy of Nick, who brought back Spongetta Parrish to sing her self-penned song “Studio”…yes, you are already singing it, aren’t you. “Up in my studio. Stu-dio… up in my stu-dio… ” hehehe… good.  The big surprise was when T-Pain came out and performed with her. I have to admit… if anyone could do something with that song, it’s T-Pain. Just sayin’.

And, just because I love you all…. here is Spongetta’s performance. You will thank me later.

As to the results, I have to admit, I was pissed that Prince Poppycock came in fourth place. I truly blame Piers for this result. Piers buzzed Poppycock during his performance of “Nussun Dorma”. Called it self-indulgent. Bull… it was a beautiful performance and not deserving of being buzzed. I really didn’t appreciate Piers saying he should have buzzed Poppycock 10 seconds earlier last night, either. That was rude. You. Do.Not.Mess.With.The.Poppies. We do not forget…

Imagine my happy surprise when I heard Michael’s name called. It tickled me to see the joy and excitement on his face… he truly didn’t know what to say, he was so excited. I am happy for him… and I am happy that he will be able to give back to the grandparents who gave so much to him. It really was a heartwarming moment.

So, all in all… a very good season for America’s Got Talent. I love this show. More than American Idol.  Yes, singers have won almost every time, but we STILL get the hope of variety and we get to see people of all ages and walks of life live their dreams. That gives me hope that my dreams are still worth chasing… and I can’t wait for next season and the new batch of dreamers to come through.