The remainder of my favorites have performed on America’s Got Talent and there were a few surprises in the results. All in all, though, the fan girl is pretty pleased with how things have turned out.

Here is the review:

Haspop performed in the third quarter final. He danced/mimed his way through his “autobiography”; and I have to admit, it was definitely better than the first audition. The way he moves is AMAZING. You wonder if he is human, because it is tough to find a human who can move like he does. Haspop is definitely a true contender to win this season and I am looking forward to seeing what else he brings to the table in the semis.

Debra Romer finally came into her own in her quarter final performance. She combined innocence and sex-kitten appeal and started to really look like a star. She easily passed through to the semis. I don’t see her winning this outright, but she will get some great exposure from being on the show.

CJ Dippa brought the house down with another one of his original creations during his quarter final performance. The problem with his act, and that of the other kid’s acts, is that America isn’t going to vote for them to win. I don’t think America wants to subject such young people to all of that pressure. CJ did not go through, but I think we will see more from him as he gets older. He has the dedication and the skill for it; and AGT was a very good first step in the right direction.

Strikers All Stars should have performed on a different night. Instead, they performed on the last quarter final night and went up against Prince Poppycock, Arc Attack,  Murray and more. Their performance was good, and on any other night, would have gotten them into the semis, but the talent was just too close to call on this last night of quarter finals, and the Strikers failed to move to the next round.

And, of course…

… there was my favorite royal, Prince Poppycock. I can’t tell you all enough how much I adore the Poppycock. He is so theatrical, and his voice is to die for. His is another unique presence on this show, and he has (as Piers says) the best technical voice on the show. He and Haspop are MADE for Vegas. I don’t know who I want to win more, so let’s just say I want to see these two as the last two acts standing. If that were to happen, I would be one thrilled fan girl.

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