July 25, 2010

Dear Jim,

Hello. My name is Alexis-Rueal, and I am the creator of the blog Fan Girl Confessions. I discuss various topics and people I go fan-girl crazy over, and, well, you are near the very top of my fan girl favorites list.

I hope you enjoyed this year’s Comic Con. It looks like the Big Bang Theory panel went swimmingly and everyone had a blast. (unfortunately) I  was here in Ohio, so I had to rely on YouTube for live Soft Kitty and theme song from BNL; but them’s the breaks.

I want to congratulate you on this receiving your second Emmy nomination.  You definitely deserved it, and your fans are hoping that this is the year you dethrone Alec Baldwin. Believe me, there are many rabbit’s feet, horseshoes and four leaf clovers in use throughout the world on your behalf.

Congratulating you is only one reason why I am writing tonight. The other reason I am writing is to offer my services as your escort during the evening of the Emmy Awards. Of course, you could take a family member or a friend, but there are a few really groovy reasons why I would make a great companion to the Emmy Awards.

First and foremost, I am entertaining as hell. Some people might actually call me charming. I can handle myself around very important people without making myself look like a buffoon. I can handle glad handing and air kissing  (if I need), but I can also have a down-home quality too. I am southern, so I definitely know a little something about using my southern wiles to put people at ease. That can be quite an important skill in a theater full of nervous celebrities.

Second, there is nothing fake about me. What you see  is what you get. I am not a size 0 (far from it)…but I am proud of who I am. I was taught to carry myself well and I know I could be a graceful and elegant date for the evening.

I know this is a pipe dream… but I was always taught to go after my dreams– no matter how big. That is why I wrote this letter. I have a great deal of respect for your talent and find that you are one of the most genuine people I have seen. You are the type of person that people (including myself) want to get to know and become friends with.  I also know that in %99.999 of normal circumstances, it will never happen. It is still a dream worth having, though, and I want to show people that it is still okay to have those types of dreams.  And if you say ‘yes’ to my offer, it will show people that it is okay to dream big because every now and again those dreams can actually come true. That and you would be one of two who rank as the coolest friends that I have… and you can never-NEVER-have enough cool friends.

Okay, there is my offer. Please feel free to let me know via the comment form or you can e-mail me at buckeyehoney@gmail.com (Ohio State alumna… gotta keep true to the school). I wish you well as you start the new season’s taping of Big Bang and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours Truly,

Alexis-Rueal (the fan-girl confessor)