America's Got Talent judges Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne and Howie Mandel with host Nick Cannon

Some of our illustrious 14 were passed straight through to Hollywood. No second auditions were needed for Haspop, Future Funk, The  Strikers All Stars and Fighting Gravity. They joined six more acts ranging from a hula hooper to a cheer squad in filling the first 10 spots of the Top 48. I have to admit, this fan girl is feeling pretty proud of herself. I can spot talent… I ain’t gonna lie.

From this group, Future Funk and Fighting Gravity both performed live . Fighting Gravity made it on America’s Vote and Future Funk made it through from the judges’ vote. (Howie waited until the LAST second to make his mind up)

The rest of our top 14 had to try out a second time  in Vegas.  I will give a brief rundown:

Prince Poppycock: The Prince was sick and had almost lost his voice.  His second performance was good… not the greatest considering his illness, but it was enough to get him to the top 48 episodes (he still has not performed live as of this posting)

Carlos Aponte: He had a very good second performance, but the judges were unsure if he could handle the big stage and live shows. In the end, Carlos did NOT make the top 48. (I was EXTREMELY disappointed in this decision by the judges)

AscenDance: They did just as good on their second performance and were a shoe in for the top 48. They did perform live and added two more members to their troupe.  The judges were quite taken with their live performance and could see the start of a new art form. I admit, I can see it, too. It is breathtaking to watch their work.  They made it through to the semi-finals on America’s Vote.

Debra Romer: Debra did a very good job of getting over her nerves for her second audition. The judges thought she did a wonderful job during her Vegas audition and passed her through to the top 48. (she still has not performed live as of this posting)

CJ Dippa: This kid is still a player and he worked it yet again in his Vegas audition. The judges passed him through to the top 48. (He still has not performed live as of this posting)

Alice Tan Ridley: Alice has cemented her position as a front runner in this contest. She can totally TEAR UP anything she sings. She took on Tina Turner in Vegas and was sent through to the top 48. In her quarter final performance this week, she brought down the house with her take on “Midnight Train to Georgia” . Her getting sent through to the semi-finals was pretty much a foregone conclusion…

Michael Grimm: … as well as for this man. I see this contest coming down to a horse race between Michael and Alice. Michael did his thing in Vegas and cleaned up very nicely in his quarter final performance. Add to that, a soulful voice to die for and I have a feeling the women are going to fall all over him.  On top of that… he seems so humble and his love for his family is genuine. I look forward to seeing where Michael and Alice go from here. I think they both have wrote their own ticket, though. The people know them, now.

Nick Pike: This has been interesting for Nick. He did good in Vegas (juggling while blindfolded and walking on broken glass), but the judges did not send him through to the top 48. However, when the live shows started, we found out that Twisted Trystan and Krystan were not able to make the live shows– which means Nick was in. His live performance was okay… the judges were a little rough on him. Nick committed the cardinal sin of contestants, though… he talked back. The he went backstage and cussed about the judges. I lost quite a bit of respect for him after that. I think America did, too… he did not make it through to the next round. He DID, however, apologize to the judges.

New Directions Choir: I just adore this group. They are so inspirational and talented. Their Vegas performance was just as wonderful as their original performance, and I truly thought they were a shoe in for the top 48. Well… color the judges stupid on this one. They were passed over. What the hell?!?!?! I was epic pissed at this result. All I can hope for is that someone else dropped out and the judges saw the error of their ways… I can dream, you know.

Connor Doran: Conner was another one of my sentimental favorites. I loved his story and his indoor kite flying was absolutely divine. He performed in Vegas and I (again) was pulling for this young man to make it to the live shows… and (AGAIN) I was screwed over. Conner did not make it.  Yet… hand whistle lady (Sally Cohn) made it through  along with Ronith.

So there are the updates on my favorites. Just to show you the magnitude of the competition between Michael and Alice, I am adding in the video performances from their live show. It is going to be a tough contest this year. Too much talent…. and that is a good thing.