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I am not a fan of reality TV…. scratch that… I am not a fan of MOST reality TV. Real Housewives– my ass. Give me a college graduate working a minimum wage job while trying to raise kids and a man, all the while getting turned down for government assistance because she makes too much money. THAT, my friends is REAL.

These reality TV competition shows. Big, fat WHATEVER. Not into the little drama queens and screwing over every person in their path in order to win a game.  Sorry, give me hard work and an honest work ethic anytime over that drivel.

There are three shows, though, that I– the fan girl confessor– do actually watch. And respect.  They celebrate hard work, self-aware self-aggrandizement and a sense of normalcy in a celebrity world… and I love them for it.

So, in no particular order. My reality TV recommendations:

1. Gene Simmons Family Jewels– A&E

I love this show.  Gene Simmons is one of the coolest entertainers around and his family is one of the most normal. Yes, I know they have more money than some small countries and live a lifestyle commiserate with that money.  Thing is, though, I have never felt like they rub it in people’s faces. They do these wonderful things, but are, for all intensive purposes, a regular family. They have their spats, raise their kids, go through all this normal STUFF; and we are entertained by this sense of elevated normalcy.  They also give back… so many times Gene and the family have done things for charities and the troops… and they never EVER seem put off by it.  Makes me proud to be a fan girl.

I have to give an extra BIG fan girl salute to the kids, Nick and Sophie. Those are two of the most unassuming and non-snobby young people that I have ever watched on TV.  They work hard and don’t take their lives for granted. I attribute that to wonderful parenting on the part of Gene and Shannon.  Well done, you two!  As long as A&E has you on TV, I will be there with bells on.

2. Kathy Griffin- My Life on the D-List–Bravo

This fan girl is TEAM GRIFFIN all the way!

Oh, Kathy…. you media hookah.  I love D-list because it knows what it is and what it isn’t.  It is not high art. It IS a damn funny show about Kathy’s incessant climb  to the top of Fame Mountain and the various ways she gets knocked down again.  She goes for the overly dramatic and in your face funny; then she goes to Iraq or to visit wounded soldiers back home.  She gives her mom Maggie all types of grief and cracks the verbal whip at her staff; but does so with a wink and a nudge that we have all come to appreciate and love.

Whether you like it or not, Kathy… you are A-list in our book.  But as the old saying goes: you can take Kathy out of the D-list, but you can’t take the D-list out of Kathy.  We wouldn’t have it any other way.

3. America’s Got Talent–NBC

This show has the magic that American Idol has lost.  Take ordinary people of all ages and talents, put them on stage, and give them a chance to shine.  Add in three judges (Piers Morgan, Sharon Osborn and Howie Mandel) and one host (Nick Cannon), who know how to judge as well as entertain in a good natured fashion; then combine that with an audience that likes to share its opinion (for better OR for worse). What do you get? The best competition show on Television.

There are some absolutely talented people on this show. They range from singers to magicians to acrobats to everything in between.  They come with their dreams in hand and try to convince the judges and America that their talent is worth a million dollars and a headline show in Vegas.

I love the hopeful attitude of this show. I love the humor and supportive nature of the judges and Nick (even when the act is not-so-great).

What I love most, though, is the fact that this show relies on TALENT; not on who can screw over everybody the most… not on who the most dramatic cry baby is.  A normal person with an extraordinary talent tries to convince America to make their dream come true.  There is nothing more simple, or more entertaining.

So, that’s my list…. if you think you can convince me of a show that is not on this list… do your worst!  Worst thing that can happen is that I’ll tell you you’re an idiot.

Much love,

Fan Girl out!


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(Ewan McGregor)

I was sitting here thinking about my all-time fan girl list, and I noticed a strange trend:  A large chunk of my favorite actors are Scottish. Yeah, I had to think about that, too.  I have noticed that in movies or shows I like, one of the main reasons I enjoy them is due to the Scottish actor I’m watching on screen.

I decided to put together a list of my favorite Scottish Actors for you to peruse:  add to the list if there is anyone that I might have missed.

1. Ewan McGregor— That intent, yet boyish gaze, those arms (I’m SO into arms… it’s such a girl thing), that smile.  And, yes, the acting is damn good, too.  Though best known for his roles in “Trainspotting” and episodes 1, 2 and 3 of the “Star Wars” saga,  I would say that “Big Fish”,  “Angels and Demons”, “Moulin Rouge” and “A Life Less Ordinary” are my favorite movies in which he has played.  And just because he is in it– I AM going to watch that damn “Nanny McPhee” sequel when it comes out.

If you are going to go all fan-girly on Ewan, then you have to watch his interviews on “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson” (who, by the way, is another Scott on my list).  They are insane together, and you will have your love renewed for him tenfold every time.

I was wondering, though, if the gods would bless us with a movie where he CAN ACTUALLY SPEAK IN HIS NATIVE ACCENT!!! (That is a whole other blog post)

2. Gerard Butler—  “300”… yep, that movie will live in fan girl infamy.  A bunch of half-naked and rock solid men onscreen for over an hour… closest thing to porn that women want. Oh, I’m sorry, you would like more information. Well,  hot, Scottish, he can sing (sorry peeps, but I was digging him in “Phantom of the Opera), he does comedy fairly well (but does action even better).  The only thing that I have a tough time getting over is that feathered girly hair in “Dracula 2000”.  Damn.  That’s all I can say about that hair… damn.

Gerard Butler

3.  James McAvoy

Ah, the beauty of Scotland... so many to choose from....

The youngest member of the Hottie Scotties, as I like to call them,  I found him utterly adorable in “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.” Honestly, he is the only reason I watched that movie.  He has been in some very interesting dramas, but I think he could very well have an action career after “Wanted”.  I look forward to the sequel.

4. David Tennant—  I have always been a fan of “Dr. Who” … followed all of the Doctors with enthusiasm; but no one was like David’s Dr. He had such a youthful charm and exuberance. Oh, and we were all suckers for his romantic pinnings for Rose. When his alternate Doctor FINALLY kissed Rose… I sighed. Yes. I am a mature enough fan girl to admit when  man makes me sigh.  I wept when I found out he was ending his run as the Dr.;  but maybe, just maybe…. we can see him hop the pond and do some American Television. (please TV gods… make this happen)

David Tennant-- Oh Doctor, My Doctor....

5. David McCallum– I have to give a shout out to the distinguished gentleman of the group. Mr. McCallum has been inspiring fan girl pinnings since the 1960’s when he was on the show “The Man from U.N.C.L.E”.  His Ilya Kuryakin made the hearts flutter….  And then, what does David do when so many other fan girl obsessions go the way of the wind? He just goes and gets a role on the number 1 show in America. Yes, he’s our Ducky, and “NCIS” is damn lucky to have him.  He is one of the few actors out there who inspires multi-generational fan girls.  He should be rather proud of that fact.

A fan girl favorite for the ages...

6.  Craig Ferguson

Craig Ferguson

THE.BEST.HOST.ON.TV.   I won’t watch any other late night shows.  Craig has me spoiled. He is loud and proud of both his Scottish roots and his American patriotism.  He is also hella funny.  You want good TV, just watch him when he has any of the other hottie Scotties on his show. You will have to go to the bathroom every commercial break or you’ll be wetting yourself from laughing so hard.  He needs to host the Emmy’s or the Oscars… SOMETHING! He just needs to be on more TV.

7. Simon Pegg– Funny, funny man.  “Shaun of the Dead” ranks as one of my all time favorite movies.  And who else could have played Scotty in “Star Trek”. He has that funny, adorable quality about him, and steals scenes in anything that he is in.

Simon Pegg

So, there you have it… my favorite Scotts. If you know of anymore that I need to learn about, please feel free to let me know. I’ll add them to the list.