I love Jim Parsons.  Let me be perfectly clear.  I.LOVE.JIM.PARSONS.

I have only recently acquired this love for Mr. Parsons; but be assured, it is a truly lustable fan girl love that will never die.

(Mr. Parsons, I presume? )

He absolutely makes “The Big Bang Theory” shine.  To see the comparison between real-life Jim (his interviews are perfect for that) and his portrayal of what could be the most pent up man on earth really drives home the amount of talent that he has… and how screwed over he was at last year’s Emmy Awards.

Yes, let’s get this out of the way, too.  He’s “make-me-swoon” hot.  Oh, my, I lose my breath and feel myself blushing when I see pictures of him or watch interviews.  The man has style… he has a debonair quality combined with the most adorable grin and sky blue eyes… I’ll be honest, he inspires poetry; and I am working on a piece that I will share with you all some day soon.

My fan girly nature has driven me to watch everything ( if I’m lyin’, I’m dyin’) he has on YouTube.  What I find is that he looks like he is the absolutely sweetest person on the planet. He is the epitome of the southern gentleman, with the wondrous manners and the charmingly humble attitude.  He hasn’t let the trappings and attitudes of Hollywood get to him, and we, his fans adore him for that.

I’d say that is our biggest prayer for Jim: stay humble.  Stay true to yourself.  Keep loving your fans the way we love you.  We are a loyal group and will follow your career with zeal.

Now, I have a goal for this web site. I want an interview with Jim. Oh, yes… I aim high. I want to do an interview that is based on questions THE FANS want to know.  I read interview after interview and see the SAME DAMN QUESTIONS time after time… I know I get fed up reading the same answers. I can only imagine how Jim must feel having to answer them time and time again. BLECH!  What I want is to ask the really important questions like “why exactly DO you drop trou in so many photos, etc.?”  Admit it… you all want to know, too.

So, there you have it.  He is king of my fan girl heaven… and I’m fine with it that way. MWAH!