Just got done with the 5th season finale of “Bones”. Damn, that felt like a series finale… some major upheaval in the Bones-verse.


I’ll be honest, I could give a crap about the case. Give me the sap of Bones and Booth and WHY THE HELL THEY AREN’T TOGETHER ALREADY! We already had our hearts broken in the 100th episode; the least the Producers could do is have Bones see the error of her ways and grab onto Booth like there was no tomorrow and show him how a real woman kisses… or is that me? Hmmm….

Well, either way, didn’t happen.  Team broke up for a year.  Didn’t even get to see a Booth/Bones kiss at the end… oh, they teased it; but left us hanging hard.

I think I can speak for Bones fans when I say: $*#&&#$^$    We hang out with you for FIVE. YEARS.  and keep getting tormented.  So close, yet so very freaking far…Face it: We’re pent up here… the shippers are restless.  We will be back for season 6; but understand this– WE. WANT. THEM. TOGETHER.  Nothing else will do.