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Every fan girl has to start somewhere. Usually a Disney show or a teeny-bopper, bubble gum band. You may count me among the latter; you see, I was taught the finer art of fan girldom by none other than the New Kids on the Block. Stop snickering… if you are over 30, you KNOW they were king shit back in the day… back when I was in middle school. God, I can’t believe I just wrote that line.

It was way back when the world was young– late 80′ and early 90’s. Bush the first was in office, and the fan girl confessor was a lowly little student at Taft Middle School.  I hadn’t really discovered the power of music or the social and emotional pull performers can have ( I was pretty oblivious back then), but all of my friends had. They’d go down the hall singing their songs, giggling and sighing at all the little articles they found in Teen Beat, Tiger Beat and Bop magazines, talking about the concerts they were going to and trading every known New Kids item they could get their fan girl hands on.  I always felt a little left out because I couldn’t really join in the conversations; but thankfully, that feeling didn’t last too long.

I guess I should thank the Marshall twins for officially introducing me to New Kids. We were at lunch and they were talking about the band. One of them– Dawn, I think– asked why I don’t talk about the band.  I told her the truth… never heard their music. Thankfully, I was not ostracized for this confession. Instead, I was loaned “Hanging Tough”… and a true-blue fan girl was born.

I loved the music… the beats, the rhythms, the harmonies. Most of all, I loved–no, LOVED– the guys. Oh, to my little pre-teen heart, they defined what men were: suave, debonair,  a little bit bad and absolutely A-DOR-ABLE! You had all the types the girls love : The tough guys (Donny and Danny), the boy next door (Joey), the cool guy(Jordan)– and my personal favorite– the quiet one (Jonathan… sigh).

Yes, Jonathan was my favorite.  Handsome, older, almost shy.  Oh, that spoke VOLUMES to me,  considering I was always pretty quiet around other people.  It always disappointed me that he didn’t get more solos; but I listened to the ones he did have overandoverandover again.  I took what I could get.

Once the band was discovered, the natural progression turned to the magazines. Oh, I had magazines… I had pictures.  ALL.FOUR.WALLS. covered from top to bottom with posters and pictures. THREE.FOLDERS. full of pictures that I couldn’t fit on the wall.  Their videos, their comforter, trading cards, and -ah, yes- the dolls. Yes… I had the damn dolls.  My parents HOOKED ME UP! The only things I couldn’t get were concert tickets… we never had enough money for that. I still rank that as one of my major regrets of life. I wanted that experience so many of my friends were able to have. Oh, well….

I loved being a part of something so many others around me enjoyed. It gave me a way to belong; gave me a taste of a world outside of Marion, Ohio.  I loved having something to look forward to talking about and reading about and sharing with others.  They gave me that, and I followed it until the tides changed and everyone moved on.  That’s life, isn’t it?  People move on… grow up and find new things and people to cling to. New things to go all fan-girly over.

I admit, I followed them some after the band broke up the first time. I had to see what they were up to. Helped me keep some nice childhood memories alive.  I was extremely happy when I discovered that they got back together in 2008 and started touring.  Brought all those founding fan girl feelings back to the forefront… and brought a smile to my face.

Now, instead of magazines and pictures posted on my wall, I have the internet with its fan girl arsenal of Facebook, Twitter and web sites of various size and quality. I DID complete my NKOTB collection for Twitter… I daresay I enjoy the stories they tell.  I am sending them all a link to this article, with a note:  Thank you New Kids for being a part of my pre-teen and teenage years. Thank you for showing me how much fun it is to be your fan.


The Lunar Excitation #1483

A bittersweet moment for the fan girl…. I love “The Big Bang Theory” but am quite sad that it is over for the summer.  I have to say, though, that this was a very good season finale.  It had humor, it had some revisiting of various story lines and it had something that I thought I would never see… SHE-SHELDON.

“The Lunar Excitation” was a very good finale outing.  All of the main characters had their moment, from Raj and Howard attempting the impossible task of finding Sheldon a date on a dating web site to Leonard and drunk Penny having wild rodeo sex  (with a very nice walk of shame from Penny the next morning), there was something for everyone–including a  pleasant return of Leslie/Sarah Gilbert… quite a tasty tying off of that story line (makes me miss their David and Darlene days of yore).

The two storylines were rather simple, Leonard and Penny’s break-up sex  and the near-impossible task Raj and Howard undertake in finding Sheldon a date. I feel the writers took these stories and really let them sparkle with their dialog.  The scene on the roof involving the various “Star Trek” references made my little Trekker heart skip a beat (that and the fact that THE WIL WHEATON responded to one of my Tweets last night– but that is a different Fan Girl undertaking).  What is great about this show is that their humor is not trite… there is intelligence and depth to the humor. That type of humor stands the test of time.

I would be remiss, though, if I didn’t get to the heart of this season finale: Sheldon and the discovery of “SHE-SHELDON”, also known as Amy Farrah Fowler.  That another person could exist that is remotely like Sheldon is amazing.  The thing that I notice about Amy, though, is I think she is emotionally where Sheldon was three seasons ago.  Three seasons ago, there was  no way in HELL Sheldon would have been caught dead socializing on his own with a woman– even one as smart as Amy; because in Sheldon’s world,  he is always smarter and he never desired social conventions.  What this season finale has shown, though, is that Sheldon has grown;  and he has decided to take a chance, even if it is just to socialize a little.  He owes Leonard, Penny and the gang: like it or not, he’s GROWN.  That didn’t just make this a good episode… it made it great.

I love Jim Parsons.  Let me be perfectly clear.  I.LOVE.JIM.PARSONS.

I have only recently acquired this love for Mr. Parsons; but be assured, it is a truly lustable fan girl love that will never die.

(Mr. Parsons, I presume? )

He absolutely makes “The Big Bang Theory” shine.  To see the comparison between real-life Jim (his interviews are perfect for that) and his portrayal of what could be the most pent up man on earth really drives home the amount of talent that he has… and how screwed over he was at last year’s Emmy Awards.

Yes, let’s get this out of the way, too.  He’s “make-me-swoon” hot.  Oh, my, I lose my breath and feel myself blushing when I see pictures of him or watch interviews.  The man has style… he has a debonair quality combined with the most adorable grin and sky blue eyes… I’ll be honest, he inspires poetry; and I am working on a piece that I will share with you all some day soon.

My fan girly nature has driven me to watch everything ( if I’m lyin’, I’m dyin’) he has on YouTube.  What I find is that he looks like he is the absolutely sweetest person on the planet. He is the epitome of the southern gentleman, with the wondrous manners and the charmingly humble attitude.  He hasn’t let the trappings and attitudes of Hollywood get to him, and we, his fans adore him for that.

I’d say that is our biggest prayer for Jim: stay humble.  Stay true to yourself.  Keep loving your fans the way we love you.  We are a loyal group and will follow your career with zeal.

Now, I have a goal for this web site. I want an interview with Jim. Oh, yes… I aim high. I want to do an interview that is based on questions THE FANS want to know.  I read interview after interview and see the SAME DAMN QUESTIONS time after time… I know I get fed up reading the same answers. I can only imagine how Jim must feel having to answer them time and time again. BLECH!  What I want is to ask the really important questions like “why exactly DO you drop trou in so many photos, etc.?”  Admit it… you all want to know, too.

So, there you have it.  He is king of my fan girl heaven… and I’m fine with it that way. MWAH!

Just got done with the 5th season finale of “Bones”. Damn, that felt like a series finale… some major upheaval in the Bones-verse.


I’ll be honest, I could give a crap about the case. Give me the sap of Bones and Booth and WHY THE HELL THEY AREN’T TOGETHER ALREADY! We already had our hearts broken in the 100th episode; the least the Producers could do is have Bones see the error of her ways and grab onto Booth like there was no tomorrow and show him how a real woman kisses… or is that me? Hmmm….

Well, either way, didn’t happen.  Team broke up for a year.  Didn’t even get to see a Booth/Bones kiss at the end… oh, they teased it; but left us hanging hard.

I think I can speak for Bones fans when I say: $*#&&#$^$    We hang out with you for FIVE. YEARS.  and keep getting tormented.  So close, yet so very freaking far…Face it: We’re pent up here… the shippers are restless.  We will be back for season 6; but understand this– WE. WANT. THEM. TOGETHER.  Nothing else will do.

Whitford and Hanks (courtesy of Fox)

Fox’s new show, “The Good Guys” is one of those shows that takes the best of “Starsky and Hutch”, mixes it with Robert Rodriguez and adds the coolest pornstache this side of the 1970’s to give us an uproariously funny show that reminds us why we like the buddy cop genre so much.

I was looking forward to this show since I saw the previews for it. I love Bradley Whitford and foster a slight fan-girly crush on Colin Hanks, so seeing them together gave me high hopes for this show.  Playing two completely opposite Dallas detectives who have a knack for finding BIG trouble while investigating itsty-bitsy teeny tiny crimes, these two play off each other with humor and aplomb.  Hanks finds the humor in the straighter role of the two,young Jack Bailey; while Whitford joyously sheds his Josh Lyman persona from “The West Wing” and plays Detective Dan Stark as a drunk, old-school bad-ass who won’t turn down a roll in the hay or a gun fight.

As I watched the pilot, I was overcome by the  cheesy, schlocky 70’s throwbacks that fueled this monster.  From the music, to the earnest way everyone performed their dialogue  to the arrival of the bitchin’ Trans Am– this show WAS cheese whiz, and damn if I didn’t find it tasty as hell.  I have to give a shout out to one of my favorite character actors of all time, Andrew Divoff, who played his assassin character (second best, then first), Pedro,  with a lovely combination of humor and steeliness.  I highly suggest watching and re-watching the end with the letter…. pure delectable cornball goodness.  Oh, and as the cherry on this sundae… Erik Estrada’s name is lifted on high throughout the episode… we must pay homage when we can, you know.

The break-out star of this show, though, is not human… it is “THE FEATHER OF GOD.”  Oh, yes, Stark’s pornstache is EPIC.  It steals scene after scene,  showing a wide range of emotions– from lust to anger. There was literally one part where I thought the ‘stache was going to jump off Stark’s face and beat the snot out of young Detective Bailey. You don’t mess with the FEATHER OF GOD. The FEATHER OF GOD messes with you.  I have a feeling this ‘stache is going to achieve cult status… I am waiting on him to start a twitter page and rain down his wisdom to the masses (I will SO follow that).

Starting June 7th, “The Good Guys” will be moving to its regular time slot on Fox.  I know I will be settling in for the ride… I hope you do, too.

EDIT: I have to give credit where credit is due… the “FEATHER OF GOD” is courtesy of my new friend, HyperionEmpire from Twitter. Thank you, my friend.

Hello world. The name is Alexis and I am a fan girl. I tell you now, if it has to do with Jim Parsons, Hugh Laurie, Matthew Gray Gubler or many (many) others, I will be there with bells on.

I admit, I get REALLY fan girly– almost to the point of swooning (especially if it has to do with dear, Mr. Parsons). I love to see these people in character, but I love to learn about them, too, in the most respectful way possible.

What you will get from me is information, my swoonings and pinings, TV and music reviews and all other types of fan girly goodness… I look forward to meeting you all and I hope you enjoy.

Tomorrow I will be posting a review of “The Good Guys” on Fox. I tell you, now, if you love cheesy cop shows and pornstaches, you will LOVE this show.

Til then… MWAH!