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I know I am late with this review… been a busy couple of weeks and I’ve been on a “Save The Good Guys” kick. But here I am and I am ready to go!

Oh, The Big Bang Theory, how I have missed you! One of my four favorite shows on the air (House, Lie to Me, and The Good Guys being the other three… says something for FOX, doesn’t it?) One of the greatest comedies on TV was back on the air last week and it was a DOOZY!!!!

The opening scene with the guys misappropriating a robot hand into serving them their Chinese food was stellar in its geek-fest humor. Bless Howard and his international space station equipment…

We learned that Sheldon and Amy Farrah Fowler (or as I like to call her She-Sheldon) had been texting and tweeting and facebooking for four months. Pretty much everything people in a relationship do EXCEPT GO ON A DATE!!! What.The.Hell?!? No… to be honest, I am not surprised at this announcement. What DID surprise the holy hell out of me is the announcement that Sheldon and Amy (known now and forevermore as ShAmy) wanted to procreate. Oh, to be the mother of his child…. sigh… uhm. Sorry. I digress…

Anyway, yes, these two felt that it is their duty to have a kid… but Penny convinced Sheldon that they first need to, you know, go on an actual DATE. And Sheldon agreed.

The show’s handling of this date was superb. It had middle-school geek date car scene and the some of the greatest digs at Penny that have ever come out of the show. Standing ovation to Mayim Bailik in her role of Amy. She could have played an android on Star Trek, she plays this role so dry.

I loved the resolution to the ShAmy procreation story line… very like Penny to come up with an argument that Sheldon could not refute.

Now… if that story line was good, the B story was just as good: the robot hand, a frisky Howard and a hospital. Need I say more? I almost felt bad for Howard, but then I realized that with the part of the body he was thinking with… he kinda got what he deserved.

Anyway, I loved last week’s season premiere and I am completely looking forward to tonight’s episode. I heard that it could very well be one of its best outings. So, here’s to you, Big Bang!!! We’re glad to have you home!


All right, people… the Fall schedule is up and running and there have been some excellent shows that have really struck my fancy (Hawaii 5-0) and some that are a real yawn ($#&$* My Dad Says).  We have seen established shows come out swinging and strutting their stuff (House and The Big Bang Theory).

This article isn’t about these shows, though. This is for a show that is riding the fine line between gracing our airwaves and going to the land of dead TV dreams and shattered TV hopes.

Let’s talk about  The Good Guys!

Okay… look at the picture. We ARE NOT talking about another NYPD Blue or The Shield. What we ARE talking about, though, is one of the funniest shows that I have watched in a long…. long…. time. From the minute Jack Bailey, Dan Stark and Dan Stark’s mustache flickered across my TV screen, I was hooked.

I remember when I first reviewed this show. Very first words out of my mouth were that it was:

“one of those shows that takes the best of Starsky and Hutch, mixes it with Robert Rodriguez and adds the coolest pornstache this side of the 1970′s to give us an uproariously funny show that reminds us why we like the buddy cop genre so much.”

Yep. I still stand by those words.

I laugh 20 times if I laugh once when this show is on. The writing on this show is superb, with a wonderful amount of joyous and –yes, I am going to say it– SMART wit.

Don’t roll your eyes at me… I know Dan is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. At least not concerning 21st century attitudes and technology. If this show took place IN the 1970’s, early 80’s, Dan would be the ass kicking-ist cop out there… and this is where the wit comes in.

Putting this show in current times with a cop that is decidedly NOT with current times is smart. The dialog the and situations that the writers come up with for Dan… and the others in response to Dan is smart. Any time I see a cannister of pepper spray, all I think is “SPICY! SPICY IN MY EYES!!!” That and I have caught myself calling my computer the “computer machine,” and I have hung my head in shame every single time.  I’m not the only one, either. This show gets quoted on Twitter…too many great lines to pass up.

I must also give Kudos to the bad guys of this show. They are funny, and stupid and unique. From Andrew Divoff’s funny as hell turn as Pedro, to the Georgian duo (Republic of and State of), the writers have given us some insanely funny (no pun intended) punks for Jack and Dan to bust.

Also, talking about angels with rusty halos, let us tip our hat to Julius, Dan’t snitch. Best pairing on this show, right after Jack and Dan. You know if Julius shows up, there is going to be some hella funny plot twists and dialog in the episode. RonReaco Lee has great timing and it is time he become a regular member of the show.

And this is The Good Guys greatest asset: the cast. This is a killer cast, from Colin Hanks as Jack to Diana Maria Riva, who plays Lt. Ruiz, the cast is chalk full of wonderful actors who bring life to these amusing characters. I literally could not see any other actors in these roles. The casting in impeccable here, and the relationships between these characters is funny and natural. I enjoy seeing every one on screen. That doesn’t happen too often in a show, and The Good Guys struck gold with this great cast.

There is one (well, one and a half) actor who has truly lit me fan girl flame, though:

The 'stache has lit my fan-girl flame...

I admit it… I have such a crush on Bradley Whitford. Loved him in The West Wing and was slightly worried about how he would handle this polar opposite of Josh Lyman. Well… silly me to worry like that. Whitford is remarkable as Dan Stark. There have been some complaints about him being too over the top in his performance, but I call B.S. on that. Dan IS over the top… he IS more retro than metro, and Whitford plays it perfectly. He goes from stubbornly stupid to a broken hearted school boy to one helluva ladies man and PULLS IT OFF every time. That, and he can work a pornstache… oh, yes… man can work the ‘stache.

Let’s face it… that damn ‘stache has become a character on this show. It is part of a drinking game… hell, it even has a Twitter account (@DanStarksStache and the ladies love it…).  There hasn’t been such a fascination with facial hair since… well, I don’t know.  Typically I am not a big fan of facial hair (sensitive skin), but the way Dan Stark works it, I’d even risk a little ‘stache burn.

Look people, this is a funny as hell show and needs to stick around. It is very different than what is on right now… and that is a good thing. It is a show that you know is going to have a happy ending– and in this world, who ISN’T for the security of some happy endings (heaven knows Dan is). I am just saying that this show deserves to be seen and it DESERVES to stick around for another season. It truly brightens my night when I know that I am going to be laughing heartily when this show comes on; and I am not the only one who feels this way. Many people online feel just as strongly as I do and would truly appreciate it if this show stayed on the air.

I tweeted to some of the writers, Colin Hanks and show creator Matt Nix that I was writing this article. I asked them if there was anything they wanted to tell the fans out there regarding the show. Well, Mr. Nix was kind enough to tweet back to me:

“@Alexis_Rueal Just that the episodes get better and better. Also we don’t cost much so we don’t need THAT many more viewers. Thx!”

I know I can vouch that every episode thus far has improved upon the one before. The team has really hit their creative stride with this. So people, you are really missing out if you don’t tune in and watch.  And FOX (I know you are out there…. ), come on! It doesn’t cost that much… we can find the viewers… we’re working on it. GIVE THE GOOD GUYS A CHANCE!!!!! Save this show, readers, viewers and FOX. Save this show and make me a truly proud and happy fan girl. The Good Guys deserves to be back for a second season.

The Good Guys airs on Friday Nights at 9pm on FOX.

Amen and Hallelujah!!! The Fall season has started and tonight, three shows I have been looking forward to are on the air. We have the arrival of HUDDY on House, and the series premieres of Lonestar and Hawaii 5-0.  I am feeling good tonight and I am going to bring you my thoughts on these show.

House Season 7 Premiere:

Holy Hell! There was some major Huddy lovin’ going on tonight! The season premiere continues right where the season 6 finale left off. House and Cuddy spend most of the episode in almost total states of undress (some major Huddy sex going on… and I think Hugh Laurie fan girls were panting… A LOT.) Really, this episode was about Huddy trying to establish themselves as a couple and how they truly feel about one another and what types of obstacles they will need to overcome. It is good that there are these issues, and it is good that House and Cuddy are willing to confront these. And it was AWESOME to hear House say what we have been dying to hear him say for so long… ” I love you.” Damn… my heart melted…. and I can be quite the cold blooded woman.

There was a cute little secondary medical mystery concerning a sick neurosurgeon and the team playing CYA to keep the ER and ICU departments open It was amusing and it also helped ease the way for Olivia Wilde’s 13, to leave the show as Wilde goes to film the movie Cowboys and Aliens.

I know some people felt that House lost its way last season… personally, I disagree… but this was a very strong outing and I think we are going to be in store for more this season. I am SO happy House is back on TV! Makes my Monday worthwhile.

Lone Star series premiere: And I have been introduced to an actor that I don’t recall seeing before–James Wolk. He portrays Bob Allen, a consumate con-man with one wife and working on another wife. He was taught by his father, played by David Keith. Damn, it’s good to see David Keith on TV. I am always entertained when he is around.  Anyway,  Bob wants to go legit… tired of conning people. He just wants to love his two women (who don’t know about each other… this ain’t Big Love) and an honest job working for his first wife’s father, the always enjoyable Jon Voight.

If you blink, you can lose track of the cons and Bob’s identities; but watching James Wolk portray Bob with his different personas and the inner fight he has as he struggles stop conning while also remaining loyal to his father is entertaining. Wolk has depth, and I can’t wait to see where he goes with this series.

Hawaii 5-0 series premiere: Hello Alex O’Loughlin. I have missed you. A very good actor who hasn’t found the right show, yet. Not that CBS hasn’t tried. Moonlight, Three Rivers, been there… cancelled that. BUT… and I say BUT… methinks they have a winner with Hawaii 5-0.

I know some critics complained that O’Laughlin was kind of stiff in his role of Steve McGarrett: well, NO SHIT! In the premiere, he is in Special Forces and his father is murdered. Don’t know about you, but that would leave me less than chipper.

Anyway, due to his father’s murder, McGarrett gets recruited by the governor to create a no-holds-barred task force to combat crime in Hawaii. Sounds pretty kick ass… and it is. McGarrett recruits Chin Ho Kelly (Daniel Day Kim), a female Kono (Grace Park), and the one and only Danno, played with aplomb by Scott Caan.  With this group hard at work, bad guys better take notice. There is going to be ass kickin’ aplenty going on.

I really liked watching Scott Caan play a dad here. I like the contradiction of his grumpy bad ass and soft hearted daddy. Melts a fan girl’s heart.

I enjoyed the chemistry everyone had. I enjoyed the dialog and the action sequences. Really, I just liked this show overall and I can’t wait to see more episodes. Well done, CBS… I think we found us a winner for our dear Mr. O’Loughlin.

Last night, we watched the culmination the summer’s top rated show crown a new winner. And, boy, it was a doozy. Michael Grimm, the soulful crooner from Mississippi, was chosen over the seemingly unstoppable 10 year old Opera sensation, Jackie Evancho.

Here is a replay of Michael’s final performance from Tuesday.

The finale was actually pretty good. Not TWO HOURS worth of finale… really, did we need the Goo-Goo Dolls?… but still pretty good.  The four finalists got to perform with their idols. Prince Poppycock sang “Last Dance” with Donna Summer. I thought they would have really made a good pairing at Studio 54 back in the day. Michael Grimm performed “Me and Bobby McGee” with Jewel. That was a good performance, and Jewel was looking quite smashing in that purple jumpsuit. Fighting Gravity performed an entertaining routine as Lionel Ritchie sang “Dancing on the Ceiling.” and young Jackie cemented her position as Sarah Brightman’s heir apparent as they performed “Time to Say Goodbye” together.

We also had a lovely performance by the reject all-stars. Oh, yes, we got to remember why some men should not wear spandex and that dancing eyebrows really ARE creepy…. really… THEY.ARE.CREEPY.  But the creme de la creme performance came courtesy of Nick, who brought back Spongetta Parrish to sing her self-penned song “Studio”…yes, you are already singing it, aren’t you. “Up in my studio. Stu-dio… up in my stu-dio… ” hehehe… good.  The big surprise was when T-Pain came out and performed with her. I have to admit… if anyone could do something with that song, it’s T-Pain. Just sayin’.

And, just because I love you all…. here is Spongetta’s performance. You will thank me later.

As to the results, I have to admit, I was pissed that Prince Poppycock came in fourth place. I truly blame Piers for this result. Piers buzzed Poppycock during his performance of “Nussun Dorma”. Called it self-indulgent. Bull… it was a beautiful performance and not deserving of being buzzed. I really didn’t appreciate Piers saying he should have buzzed Poppycock 10 seconds earlier last night, either. That was rude. You. Do.Not.Mess.With.The.Poppies. We do not forget…

Imagine my happy surprise when I heard Michael’s name called. It tickled me to see the joy and excitement on his face… he truly didn’t know what to say, he was so excited. I am happy for him… and I am happy that he will be able to give back to the grandparents who gave so much to him. It really was a heartwarming moment.

So, all in all… a very good season for America’s Got Talent. I love this show. More than American Idol.  Yes, singers have won almost every time, but we STILL get the hope of variety and we get to see people of all ages and walks of life live their dreams. That gives me hope that my dreams are still worth chasing… and I can’t wait for next season and the new batch of dreamers to come through.

And then there were 4. Tonight’s America’s Got Talent results show was a nail biter. Oh, sure, we knew one person was a shoe-in: Jackie Evancho. Short, 10, sings like a 30 year old. Yeah, her.  But we’ll get to that in a sec. Let’s go in order, shall we?

First to be called up were my absolute favorites, Prince Poppycock and Michael Grasso. I ADORED both of these guys. I was pulling sooooooooo hard for both of them to go through and to see them together SUCKED. I was hoping Nick would say both went through… but alas, there was only one…. and it was POPPYCOCK!!!!! I’m a Poppy. I squealed like a school girl; but that squee was tinged with sadness. I am going to miss that handsome devil of a magician… but I think he will have a show in Vegas. He is THAT good.

Next two acts called center stage were Michael Grimm and Taylor Mathews. I thought that was interesting. You can never count out the tween and teen femal vote in these things.  The stars aligned, though, and I felt the redeeming announcement of Michael Grimm going through to the finals.

I have to admit, it was funny watching Michael and Le Poppycock standing side by side… Lovely juxtaposition of manhood there… and I was digging every bit of it.

The next acts up were Jeremy VanSchoonhoven and Christina and Ali. I was thinking one of two things: Major upset or neither of the acts were going through. Much to my delight, it was the latter. Gave me that much more hope for Fighting Gravity to make it through.

Now we’re back to Jackie Evancho. I will admit this to everyone here: I’m not a fan. She can sing, yes… she’s cute, sure. I just don’t have the emotional attachment to her that I do to Prince Poppycock or Fighting Gravity or the two Michaels. But I digress…

Jackie gets called to the stage with another act. Now, it was going to suck for whatever act was called with her because that would be like a death knell sounding. Well, the act that got to hear the bell toll was none other than the other kid act, Anna and Patryk. I actually held out hope for a second that the dancers would pull the upset after recovering masterfully from Anna’s fall last night. Well, I can’t get that lucky. Jackie went through.

That left Fighting Gravity and Studio One Young Beast Society fighting for the last spot. I don’t even have to tell you how much of a non-surprise this result was…. Fighting Gravity takes the last spot.

I know everyone is calling it for Jackie to win this. But I really think that Prince Poppycock and Fighting Gravity have the more Vegas worthy shows. And let us not count out Michael Grimm. He has a MASSIVE following, major YouTube hits and the ladies love him. It is going to be a horserace and I, for one, cannot wait.

Oh, and one more thing:


I had to throw that one in there. Just sayin’.

Well, we are down to the Top 10 on America’s Got Talent.

1. Prince Poppycock

2 Michael Grimm

3. Jeremy VanSchoonhoven

4. Christina and Ali

5. Michael Grasso

6. Anna and Patryk

7. Jackie Evancho

8. Studio 1 Young Beast Society

9. Fighting Gravity

10. Taylor Mathews

This is an interesting Top 10. This season, instead of the Top 10 leading directly to the winner; the top 10 leads to a Top 4 which will then crown the winner of the 1 million dollars and headline show in Vegas.

We see a lot of singers in this Top 10. Half the acts sing. What will be curious to see is whether Jackie Evancho will ride her current popularity all the way    to the winner’s circle again the more “Gaga”esque Prince Poppycock.

Can Jackie win it all on "Talent"?

Will Prince Poppycock be the last Opera singer standing?

But what about Michael Grimm? He has been EXTREMELY popular on YouTube and it will be tough to beat the bluesy sound, good looks, and heart tugging story.

Maybe Michael's future won't be Grimm on "Talent"...

There are some dark horses in this contest, though. First up is Michael Grasso. I loved him in both original auditions and was ticked off when the judges didn’t send him to the Top 48. Well… I must have not been the only one ticked off. Michael was brought back in the wild card round and proceeded to WOW everyone with his slick presentations and stunning illusions. I LOVE Michael Grasso and I would not be sad AT ALL to see a magician– THE Hollywood staple– win it all on Talent.

Can Michael Grasso pull a win out of his hat on "Talent"?

The only other act that really has a chance to make things challenging for Evancho are the college variety act Fighting Gravity. This group is incredibly unique and they have been able to change up their routine each time. I expect tonight’s performance will be just as good… and will make for an interesting vote.

Can this variety act defeat the singers on "Talent"?

As for the other acts, I don’t see them making the Top 4–unless Christina and Ali’s story is enough to sway the voters to take away from one of the front runners.

I don’t know about you all… but I am looking forward to tonight. This is one of the strongest Top 10 fields ever on this show; and tonight will be a true battle royale.

Jim and his Emmy... it's a beautiful thing

Oh, I am the happiest fan girl in the WORLD. Last night, one of my two favorite actors, Jim Parsons, finally won his Emmy Award for playing Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory. Just watching him cover his face with his hand in sheer amazement and listening to that sweet speech made my heart flutter a million miles a minute.  I have a great group of friends on Twitter and we were holding Parsons Prayer Circles  right before his category was called. I like to think the power of fan girl prayer helped out a little!  Jim is the funniest actor on television today and this Emmy Award was well deserved and Parsons fan everywhere are proud of Jim for everything he has accomplished. Here is to the new season of The Big Bang Theory and our favorite nerd, Sheldon Cooper!!!!

On a side note: Jim, dear…. you never got back with me about being your date. Sigh… I even had a dress picked out. Oh, well…. you DO know the Golden Globes are coming up in a few short months, don’t you?  Just throwing that out there for you.

I have to admit, this was one of the greatest Emmy broadcasts EVER. From the inspired opening number with host Jimmy Fallon performing Born to Run with the cast of Glee and such luminaries such as Tina Fey, Jon Hamm, Betty White, et. al, to George Clooney working his sexy self into an extremely amusing Modern Family bit, I was entertained throughout two out of three hours. I don’t watch the mini-series, so I typically have to suffer through that section of the awards… oh, well. Really, though, the time flew by and I was laughing throughout. So I say WELL DONE NBC!

On some of the winners:

YAY to Jane Lynch and Kyra Sedgewick! Jane Lynch is a scene chewing machine and her Sue Sylvester is a demon in a track suit. I love her. And Kyra has been deserving for so long for her role on The Closer. I mean, Kyra IS the closer. She truly is the show. Bravo, ladies!

Cheers to Top Chef for one of the two major upsets of the night, dethroning The Amazing Race in the reality show competition category. It was time we got some fresh blood in the winners circle.

I just wish that would extend to lead actor in a drama… WHEN IS HUGH LAURIE GOING TO WIN?!?!?! He is WAY overdue and the episode he submitted was wonderful and character changing. I mean, no offense to Bryan Cranston, but DAMN! The only good thing I can say is that he isn’t going to be eligible next year, so my man Hugh still has a shot!

Glad to see Modern Family get the best comedy nod. They are funny as hell and well deserving of the award. On the other hand… I just don’t get Mad Men. I tried watching it. Really, I did. I just can’t get emotionally involved in this show. Well… congratulations to them, anyway, on their third straight best drama award.

On the man who should host every award show imaginable:

Oh, how I adore thee, Ricky Gervais. I have followed him for years and he was the only reason I watched the last Golden Globes. He KILLED it, last night with his bit about the booze…. and who doesn’t love a good Mel Gibson dig? Oh… and beer. Leave it to Ricky to bring the booze to the party. Can’t wait until the next Golden Globes… maybe I will be there with my date, Jim. Ya never know…

The remainder of my favorites have performed on America’s Got Talent and there were a few surprises in the results. All in all, though, the fan girl is pretty pleased with how things have turned out.

Here is the review:

Haspop performed in the third quarter final. He danced/mimed his way through his “autobiography”; and I have to admit, it was definitely better than the first audition. The way he moves is AMAZING. You wonder if he is human, because it is tough to find a human who can move like he does. Haspop is definitely a true contender to win this season and I am looking forward to seeing what else he brings to the table in the semis.

Debra Romer finally came into her own in her quarter final performance. She combined innocence and sex-kitten appeal and started to really look like a star. She easily passed through to the semis. I don’t see her winning this outright, but she will get some great exposure from being on the show.

CJ Dippa brought the house down with another one of his original creations during his quarter final performance. The problem with his act, and that of the other kid’s acts, is that America isn’t going to vote for them to win. I don’t think America wants to subject such young people to all of that pressure. CJ did not go through, but I think we will see more from him as he gets older. He has the dedication and the skill for it; and AGT was a very good first step in the right direction.

Strikers All Stars should have performed on a different night. Instead, they performed on the last quarter final night and went up against Prince Poppycock, Arc Attack,  Murray and more. Their performance was good, and on any other night, would have gotten them into the semis, but the talent was just too close to call on this last night of quarter finals, and the Strikers failed to move to the next round.

And, of course…

… there was my favorite royal, Prince Poppycock. I can’t tell you all enough how much I adore the Poppycock. He is so theatrical, and his voice is to die for. His is another unique presence on this show, and he has (as Piers says) the best technical voice on the show. He and Haspop are MADE for Vegas. I don’t know who I want to win more, so let’s just say I want to see these two as the last two acts standing. If that were to happen, I would be one thrilled fan girl.

If you want to read the play by plays of each week’s episode, jump on over to TV Warrior and catch up on my weekly reviews. Who knows, you might find some favorites of your own to root for.

Steven Tyler: New "Idol" judge?

Steven Tyler is adding fuel to the “American Idol” fire by saying he will “probably” be a judge on Idol in the 2011 season.

FOX hasn’t confirmed the deal, yet but it is sounding more and more like a sure thing.

No contracts have been signed, yet, but Peter Rice, FOX’s entertainment chair said that judges will most likely be in place by September’s end.

I have to say, I could see Tyler as a judge. The man is a hell of an entertainer and has the experience and knowledge to back up his opinions. I think he would be a great addition to the Judges panel.

As the fan girl finds out more, she will keep you all posted.

Even more news on the American Idol— there are unconfirmed reports that Kara DioGuardi has been fired from American Idol and that superstar performers Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler will be joining Randy Jackson at the judges’ table for season 10 of the FOX flagship program.

If this is true… that is a harsh move on the part of the producers. I didn’t mind Kara, actually. She did have industry experience; I think what did her in was the blatant crushing she was doing with Simon this season along with her foray into cougarhood over season 9 performer, Casey James. That really smacked of unprofessional behavior.

I can see Steven Tyler as a judge… but J.LO? I see her more as an actress than a singer; I always have. She does know the business, however; so I will give her a chance. Again, if the reports are to be believed.

When I hear for certain, I will definitely let you, the readers, know.